The web-based application for companies
to manage the vaccination status of employees.

Nexplore Arrivewell is an easy to use and centralized repository of employee vaccination status allowing companies to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Validate vaccination status of employees by location to ensure on-going compliance to comply with federal and state regulations.

  • Allow employees to manage their vaccination status (Green, Yellow or Red) and upload necessary documentation.

  • QR code can be read by site administrators to ensure those on-site have appropriate vaccine status.

How it works
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Log In

Log into Nexplore ArriveWell through a personalized URL.

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Employees register name, email address and phone number, and indicate what project they work at. A confirmation email will be sent by email address to agree.

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Report Status

Employees report current vaccination status:

  • • Green means fully vaccinated and vaccination documentation uploaded.

  • • Yellow is not fully vaccinated and requires weekly update to COVID test date and upload of COVID test result.

  • • Red status is employee who has not updated their weekly test information.

Employees can display their vaccination status via a QR code for access to work locations.

Internet of Things


All notifications on vaccination status are sent via SMS or email.

Internet of Things


Employees can filter by office in order to know what is the situation in each one; by status (green, red, yellow) just in case they want to search for a specific situation, and by name in case they want to know the status of any individual at any location.

Internet of Things


Administrators view and manage the vaccination status of employees. When an individual vaccincation status moves to red, the administrator will be notified for follow-up. Administrators can scan employee QR codes to track vaccination status as they arrive at their work location.

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