Define the project's scope for planners engineers in a digital environment using real-world data

Define the project's scope for planners and engineers in a digital environment using real-world data

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ToBe Builder

Planning and collaboration gets a lot easier with ToBe Builder™!

This application uses real-time 3D technology to replicate the construction site and provides an immersive representation of the real-world state of a project.

Here’s a challenge: How do you assemble data on a platform so construction teams may collaborate on designs and plannings virtually? How do you save resources, cut down on costs and all of which in a user-friendly environment?

The solution is called ToBe Builder and it allows for teams to aggregate design and construction information, test methodologies and design options, even run entire simulations to work out the best solutions before deploying to site.

Try out, rehearse construction virtually, with state-of-the-art visualization technologies – even multiple times, as the design develops – and benefit from optimized work sequences that will save time and costs!
ToBe Builder



ArcGIS Context Menu: ToBe Builder is based on Esri’s ArcGIS, a cutting-edge geo-information system to create maps and environmental analysis that are used by the military and security agencies alike.


Programme Support: ToBe Builder supports the import of linked active 4D programmes from Asta Powerproject BIM, and 2D schedule information from P6 and Microsoft Project. It also supports the import of model geometry from both ACC & Trimble Connect via a cloud conversion pipeline.


Resource Animation: ToBe Builder allows all resources to be located, rotated and posed via animated and ridged resource library. Resources can be posed via pre-set poses (149 rigged assets and growing).


Sequences: ToBe Builder supports the exporting of complex 4D camera sequences to movie format. Users can create a series of camera positions, and programme key timeframes on the sequences track, and then control the speed and duration of playback between each scene, creating complex scenarios for reviews, HAZOP or client presentations quickly and easily.


ToBe Maps AR: Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the use of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and wearables) to overlay or superimpose 3D content on a camera feed of the real-world in real-time.



Economic: Improves understanding of time and costs which enables construction methods to be carefully reviewed and optimised, averting expensive conflicts and inefficiencies.


Targeted: Digital planning presents automation and efficiency opportunities in the scheduling of recurring tasks such as erecting fences, assembling scaffolding, or managing traffic control plans.


Safety-relevant: Improves identification and mitigation of potential safety risks, including clashes or movement of heavy equipment, with detailed understanding of on-site resources and their scheduling.

What others say

Michael Thorpe

“ToBe Builder helped us clearly communicate and align on key construction strategies. This is a generational movement from a construction management plan. The planning function yields a meaningful and referenced strategy that can be built on by the whole team.”

Michael Thorpe
Senior Project Manager

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