ToBe Maps is a mobile application for
superimposing sharing 3D digital design.

ToBe Maps is a mobile application for superimposing and sharing 3D digital design.

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ToBe Maps

Seeing is believing – Compare planned versus actual progress in one view and anticipate challenges before they are even there!
ToBe Maps is an AR mobile application that leverages augmented reality technology to superimpose a 3D digital design onto the real world, and teams share the visualization using mobile phones or tablets.
The equation is rather simple: The deeper the understanding of the construction team of what needs to be built on site, the lower the associated risks and costs of potential misconceptions. Given that, a tool is needed that helps anticipate and visualize accurately immanent challenges.
Being part of the bigger ToBe Builder solution ToBe Maps is an application that is allowing field personnel access to rich 3D information from Building Information Modelling (BIM) that is superimposed on the site location – the ToBe Maps augmented reality app increases communication efficiency.
This enhances safety and productivity by minimizing any potential misinterpretation of the design vs. reality.



Configuration Tool: Available as either a standalone application or as a module within ToBe Builder, the Configuration Tool enables effortless publishing of virtual construction models to the field. The tool allows users to select either whole or part of multiple models for the AR View. All ACC/BIM360 supported formats are supported in ToBe Maps.


Model Pipeline: ToBe Maps supports the import of model geometry from ACC via a cloud conversion pipeline. Any model geometry that can be rendered within Autodesk Construction Cloud can be imported into ToBe Maps this way (>60 supported formats). Popular formats include IFC, NWD, NWC, RVT, and SKP files.


AR Viewer: Image markers, manual calibration, and quick adjust modes ensure users can always align the model elements quickly and accurately.


BIM Model viewer: ToBe Maps offers a comprehensive BIM model viewer that includes model hierarchy, model hide/show, model transparency controls for fade-in/fade-out, and full BIM properties support. Creates cross section of BIM model to superimpose into real world.



Efficient: Reduces time needed for surveyors in planning stages and improves advanced construction planning, ensuring alignment with the intended design.


Connected: Fosters effective communication with clients and subcontractors.


Accurate: Facilitates scope checking with the visual inspection of complex systems, ensuring that all services are installed correctly and according to the plan. Makes hidden things visible, detecting clashes of plan with real world.

What others say

Jason McGavin

“We used ToBe Maps to rapidly justify optioneering designs – major structural and alignment variations – by standing on site toggling between two proposed designs and getting instant client feedback in the field.”

Jason McGavin
CPB Contractors
Senior Project Engineer

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