Nexplore delivers innovation software digitization
for the construction industry.

About us

Nexplore is targeting the digitization of the entire construction industry. Our company, founded in 2018, works through Innovation Centers in several international locations (Essen, Darmstadt, Munich, Madrid, Austin, New York, Sydney, and Hong Kong) as well as through collaborations with leading universities.

Nexplore systematically examines trends, programs and hardware in the digital solution sector for possible applications in practice, and develops customized software, tools and processes. The range of topics revolving around Industry 4.0 include cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things as well as Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) related themes.

Our unique relationship with HOCHTIEF, one of the leading construction companies in the world, provides us with a global platform that attracts partners of all different sizes and skills sets. Its distinctive positioning within the construction business allows Nexplore to play a pivotal role in collaborating with HOCHTIEF and its subsidiary companies across the world to help digitizing their business and their ways of working.

Our vision is to become a key provider of top notch software and digital technology to the global construction and services sectors that enable smarter and safer operations.

At Nexplore we aim to leverage our world class expertise in engineering-led infrastructure development to create innovative digital solutions that deliver a sustainable future in our industries.

Rob Stuart, CEO Nexplore



At Nexplore we are passionate about exploring innovative ways to enhance construction technology, fusing cutting-edge innovations with human ingenuity. By harnessing Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, NLP, and large language models, we are reshaping how construction projects are approached, automating processes, and unlocking unprecedented insights from the vast amount of data available to us.

Join us at Nexplore as we work towards shaping the future of construction technology through innovation and transformative solutions!