Nexplore DeliverEze is a single tool to
schedule manage deliveries to a construction site

Nexplore DeliverEze is a single tool to schedule and manage deliveries to a construction site

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Nexplore DeliverEze

Keeping track of those trucks has never been easier.
When managing a construction site, scheduling and recording the vast number of deliveries is easily among the biggest challenges. Nexplore DeliverEze is a web-based delivery scheduling app that enables parties involved in logistics to schedule and approve deliveries in available time slots by providing a centralized platform to connect all participants involved in the delivery process.
Using Nexplore DeliverEze couldn’t be easier. Suppliers simply book a delivery slot for themselves, aligning availabilities across all parties involved. Nexplore DeliverEze does all the rest, i.e. compiling detailed overviews of expected deliveries, material, and number of vehicles while taking care of instant notifications and warnings about delivery status to all participants.
Nexplore DeliverEze


Nexplore DeliverEze
  1. Mobile delivery requests that allow suppliers to request only open dates/times based on project-defined delivery capacity.
  2. Centralized delivery calendar accessible by project site personnel and suppliers providing an overview of all requested deliveries and available delivery slots.
  3. Detailed status report of all deliveries for the current day, week, month with daily notifications automatically sent all each delivery.
  4. Role-based authorizations customizable to each project giving users the exact functionality they need.
  5. Fully customizable project environment allowing each project to define their specific delivery needs.


Comprehensive: Prevent over-allocation at storage and delivery sites by establishing delivery capacity for each location.
Efficient: Reduce the need for phone calls, email, and paper by allowing the supplier to schedule their deliveries online – from their mobile phone.
Immediate: Know current delivery status by receiving immediate, automated notifications.
Transparent: Provide full visibility for project personnel and suppliers as to when to expect deliveries as well as when they arrive at the site.
Flexible: Projects run their logistics based on their needs through the fully customizable setup functions.

How it works

1. Order

Company and supplier are connected in real time. Supplier is accessing calendar and can
book available delivery slots. Special requests can also be addressed.

2. Confirmation

Company can review all requested deliveries and approve, modify or cancel, and supplier is automatically informed.

3. Delivery Notifications

Once delivery arrives at the gate, it can be approved via mobile device and grant access. Project Manager receives automatically status updates in real-time.

4. Digital Documentation

All data is automatically documented and stored in the platform. Reports are available and can be exported via PDF or Excel.

5. Configuration

Tool allows to set up details for any delivery (concrete days/hours allowed, number of trucks per day/period, allowed truck types, load type etc.) and notifications.

What's New

    • New, modern interface optimized for mobile-use


  • New mobile app for iOS and Android devices
    • Ability to block concurrent slots if time to delivery exceeds delivery window length


  • Introduce “Quick Deliveries” to make smaller deliveries transparent to the site
    • Ability to add Delivery Instruction to cover detailed information of delivery needs when the truck arrives


  • Ability to email a copy of the Status Report directly from the application

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