Digital solution for concrete
ordering... delivery testing and documentation.

Digital solution for managing the order, delivery testing and documentation of concrete.

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Nexplore Concrete

Get the right concrete at the right time – all the time!

Collecting, documenting and reporting data in real-time for an efficient concreting process has never been easier: Nexplore Concrete is the solution for those who just want to make sure to work on their project with the best documented process available.

Few things on a construction site are more delicate in terms of on-time delivery than concrete. Both the project team and the supplier know about these challenges, yet both are often still dealing with old-school paper-based data transfer and non-collaborative management systems. This results in a consistent lack of data transparency, leading to intolerable delays in the concrete delivery process, even resulting in completely wrong deliveries.

Save on emails & phone calls, paper or spreadsheets – with Nexplore Concrete we take transparency and communication within the construction team and the concrete supplier to a whole new level!

This solution connects all the participants in each phase of the concrete delivery lifecycle, allowing for gapless digital documentation, hereby enhancing processual efficiency.


Catalogue Management:

  • Digital representation linking concrete to where it will be poured on site: Create and/or manage sets of data efficiently.


  • Pouring Overview: Data of all concrete deliveries and pours in a single view.
  • Extensive reporting: Automated creation of regulatory concrete diaries
  • Extended assessments and analysis for e.g. ESG reportings or company wide insights based on digital data supported by PowerBI.

Order and Delivery Management:

  • Full order control by transparent overview on concrete orders per project. Create, modify, duplicate, track or cancel concrete orders.
  • Track deliveries with real time digital data and time stamps on a dashboard in a single view.
  • Ensure quality by comparing ordered concrete properties and batch protocols.
  • Document admixtures on site.
  • Manage rejected concrete deliveries.
  • Manage post-treatment of concrete.
  • Document tests and post-treatment on site.
Nexplore Concrete



Nexplore Concrete


Integrated: Nexplore Concrete allows real-time data exchange via API integrations, reducing errors by keeping everyone instantly updated on order changes and incoming deliveries. QR code scans are also available for delivery ticket management.
Flexible: Allows construction sites to decide which parts of the process they want to digitize. If required, they can focus only on tracking, quality control and post-construction reporting.

Transparent: Enhance communication and transparency within the construction team and with concrete suppliers. All involved in the process have a complete view of their construction site data and metrics. Surveying active concreting processes on the dashboard with real-time monitoring, allowing for instant performance control.


Sustainable: Reduces paperwork, eliminates wrong deliveries, improves CO2 footprint. Potential basis for ESG reportings via PowerBI.

What others say

Agit Dalin

"We have been using Nexplore Concrete on our construction project since April 2023, and so far, approximately 4000 m³ of concrete has been ordered and delivered. The software has proven to be highly flexible, allowing us to adapt to changing on-site requirements. Creating reports is as simple as a single button press, and thanks to data export capabilities, we can generate various types of analyses." ​

Agit Dalin
BIM Engineer HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH
Vincent Freely​

"The Nexplore Concrete application already works smoothly from ordering to placing the concrete. For the foreman and me, Nexplore Concrete is an efficient way to communicate with the concrete supply plant and to carry out concrete pours. Digitally, we are building the world of tomorrow.” ​

Vincent Freely​
Civil Engineering Construction Manager

Marienhof - Stammstrecke Munich​
Infrastructure Project, train tunnel

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