Solutions for construction projects before during after
execution phase.

Solutions for your construction projects before during after execution phase.

Solutions for construction projects before, during and after execution phase.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management solutions provide a platform to capture, manage and visualize every aspect of your critical infrastructure projects in real-time. Live information is shown to the operator and/or client, for monitoring and taking real- time decisions based upon data collected in the field.

We provide a comprehensive overview of all assets in operation, including equipment, machinery, vehicles, and buildings and/or infrastructure. It allows for efficient tracking and management of these assets, tracking details such as asset usage, maintenance schedules, location status, and other related information. It can also incorporate features like inventory control, preventive maintenance planning, inspections, and repair schedules.

Using our Asset Management solution the operator and/or the client stays in control of their assets thanks to actionable live information enabling real-time decisions.

Predictions of future failures and outages enable you to take preventative actions ahead of time. You are informed at all times via the mobile app and at your workstation.

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