Estimating platform used across construction resources services
to build competitive tenders

Estimating platform for construction projects to build competitive tenders

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Tender love and care – what else do you need to come up with the perfect construction project?!
Especially for the first aspect, the tendering, we can offer just the right solution with a Computer Aided Tendering System – CATS!
Imagine you could provide your estimators with real-time access to a plant, labour, materials, and subcontractor rates database – with CATS you can! This system allows estimators across multiple sectors to build estimates in their own way whilst maintaining overall consistency of rates and costs.
CATS will service a whole spectrum of applications including:
    • Project Management
    • Finance and Commercial Management
    • Site Management
    • Engineering
    • Quantity surveying



Superior cashflow modelling and escalation calculations


Intelligent dynamic linking to MS Excel


Superior cost-coding and reporting functions


Customisable at server, register, tender and user levels 



Secure: Multi-level security and access control. Full multi-user capability, locks out one user when two users attempt to edit the same item in a module.


Reliable: Through regular redevelopments, the product remains industry leading since its initial launch in the 1980s.


Flexible: Very flexible and easy to extract and dissect data within an estimate.


Comprehensive: Complete and up-to-date Plant Library. Measured quantities module for digital 2D take-off and BIM integration.

What others say

Richard Scott

“CATS is a true multiuser estimating system that allows real time analytics of live tenders. The pragmatic and solid security settings are industry leading. They are designed for what Estimating Mangers want.”

Richard Scott
John Holland Group
Group General Manager

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