Digital platform to manage evaluate organize
construction project changes in a single view.

Digital platform to manage, evaluate and organize construction project changes in a single view.

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Nexplore Productivity

X-ray the project status with a single application.
Less is more – true for construction projects where there are too many applications and processes involved for deriving the relevant data to monitor the project. Time Scheduling, Cost Control and BIM Modeling are all done using complicated spreadsheets or expensive, stand-alone software tools. Project data is scattered, resulting in project controllers and managers needing to perform onerous manual processes in order to complete reporting or accurately monitor the status of project tasks and milestones.

Imagine a single tool instead of a dozen individual applications: Nexplore Productivity might just be the game changer for your project.

As part of the Daily Costing bundle along with Nexplore Daily Diary and Siterover, Nexplore Productivity is a cloud-based central tool linking the time schedule, BIM model, and costs in the BoQ all together in a single tool. Users are able to visualize and filter activity tasks and BoQ items using the BIM model, so that materials installed or actual progress against the schedule can be recorded.

Input and capture relevant data (e.g. percentage complete, start/finish dates, resource consumption) and view it directly within the model, from pre-configured reports or through access to raw data via a self-service reporting tool. This enhanced visualization of project costs and performance helps to identify claims, resolve disputes, and provide early warning for potential cost deviations and delays.

Nexplore Productivity


Nexplore Productivity features diverse and comprehensive functionalities which are useful across all levels of project management.

Controllers and Project Managers
Find one location to view project progress against the time schedule and BoQ and visualize it within the model and charts or other reports. Project delays or conflicts are easily identified, allowing for the proactive control to steer design, cost, time, scope and their various interdependencies effectively and efficiently.
Cost Managers
View and report actual materials installed against the BoQ and visualized within the BIM model. Forecasted and planned data can be compared against actual costs for more reliable future forecasts and early detection of cost deviations.
The linking of the model to the scheduled tasks and BoQ items allows the people responsible for recording materials and task completion to easily find the items they are required to report against, enabling them to focus on the execution of the project tasks instead of administrative duties and data collection.



Transparent: Simplified, customizable on-site weekly/monthly progress and material quantity capture. Transparency of the project status to all stakeholders, providing a single source of truth.

Resource Savings

Resource-saving: Helps to reduce potential claims, disputes and their review, cuts mitigation costs due to early warnings and increases cash flow and margins through more accurate billing, client reporting, and efficiencies from reduced overhead and backoffice time.


Flexible: Automating manual processes for reporting and providing flexibility for increasing / decreasing the granularity of data where it is wanted.

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