Recording on-site activities such as events equipment subcontractors hours spent inspections
- even the weather. One solution for all.

Recording on-site activities such as events, hours spent, even the weather in one solution.

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Nexplore Daily Diary

Keep track of what is happening (or what is not…) – on a daily basis!

What I don’t know won’t hurt me – this sentence couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to today’s construction sites. On-site construction requires meticulous recording of all workers, equipment, subcontractors at a site, the number of hours they spend on the different activities, the reporting of events, meetings, inspections, even the weather… basically all the different things that happen during a day of work!

Nexplore Daily Diary is a complete solution for processing all of these tasks. It is by far the easiest way to record and document literally everything that is happening on your site – so you just know.

With Nexplore Daily Diary the detection of quality or productivity issues is easy! Keep your processes and, ultimately, your costs in sight. All the time.
Daily Diary



Approval Flows: Nexplore Daily Diary provides an approval flow to ensure quality controls and revision of the entered data with automated email notifications to the corresponding reviewers. Additionally, an admin role can review and edit Daily Diary records if needed.


Diary Report: A very simple way of seeing on a single view if the Daily Diary has been submitted for a particular date.


Event Recording: Nexplore Daily Diary features a separate module within the application allowing to collect more detailed data regarding any event that might occur on site. Pictures, impact for cost/hours and other key details can be recorded, as well as providing an easy way to export the data by a summarized report for further analysis.
Daily Diary


Centralized: Collection of key data in just one unique tool.
Streamlined: Digitized processes ease the processes of recording and documenting hours, resources, even with additional approval flow via automatized e-mailing.
Transparent: Helps to quickly detect and resolve issues while providing data to review projects’ deviations for most accurate future forecast of timelines and costs.

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