Solutions for construction projects before during after
execution phase.

Solutions for your construction projects before during after execution phase.

Solutions for construction projects before, during and after execution phase.


Nexplore’s ESG solutions help to capture relevant data to compile and fulfil your ESG reporting obligations, for both project and company.

We provide tracking and reporting capabilities for multiple ESG metrics significant to the construction industry, including carbon emissions, energy consumption, water use, waste management, and social factors like diversity and wellness. The software can capture and analyze ESG data within construction and development activities, providing meaningful insights into the project and company’s ESG performance. It also contributes to regulatory compliance in terms of sustainability and ethical practices.

The benefits of our ESG software include increased transparency, reduced risks, promotion of sustainability and enhanced company reputation.

As the construction industry, and society as a whole, grows more conscious of climate change and social issues, the incorporation of ESG software in construction projects will continue to gain greater importance.

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