Nexplore Minerva is a digital tool that brings
transparency control into your supply chain.

Nexplore Minerva is a digital tool that brings transparency and control into your supply chain.

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Nexplore Minerva

Deep-dive into your project’s (sub)contracts – fast and focused!
Today’s construction projects usually require increasing numbers of suppliers and subcontractors providing what is needed and, just as important, when it is needed.
Until now variations and payments are mainly handled manually, using Excel, PDFs and Email as the basis of information exchange. With Nexplore Minerva we introduce a management system much more efficient and transparent – for all involved in the project: the Client, Contractors and all kinds of Subcontractors.
For the Contractor: Get instant access to all existing subcontracts of the project and their status given it’s tracking variations, progress and payments on the BOQ position level. Link Minerva to an ERP system allowing direct data transfer for payment vouchers and accruals!
Nexplore Minerva
For the Subcontractor: Submit variation requests and review approval state. Create your invoices directly within the application.


Nexplore Minerva

1. Progress monitoring: Contractor records progress on a BOQ position level allowing in-depth view of the current progress of each subcontract. This information is vital for the accrual calculation, an essential part of project controlling.

2. Variations: Transparent overview of the variations per subcontract including approval workflows for the variations themselves.

3. Payment: Seamless communication between subcontractor and contractor speeding up the payment and approval process.

4. Integration: Minerva is prepared to be linked to an ERP system. It can also work independent of any ERP system.

5. API: Minerva provides an API which can be consumed to prepare powerful dashboards and comprehensive reporting using industry standard tools such as Microsoft PowerBI.



Transparent: Capture, store and process the current status of all your projects and all associated contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants, in a real-time and centralized tool.


Aligned: Reduction of inefficient administration effort – Visualize liability to date, variation and forecast at completion, everything in a single view.


Sustainable: Optimization of used material reporting (concrete, steel, etc. wood, steal, concrete, etc.): 360 approach of the used materials through real-time tracking, ensures a high level of quality throughout.

What others say

Camillo Masci

"Nexplore Minerva will provide end-to-end visibility of subcontractor claims across the entire project supply chain, enabling project directors to get a simplified view of subcontractor liabilities overall in real time. Our delivery partners will also benefit from the reduced paperwork and administration involved in submitting their claims electronically.”

Camillo Masci
CPB Contractors
Executive General Manager Building

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