Siterover captures on-site data and meets
mobility near-real time reporting needs

Siterover captures on-site data and meets near real-time reporting needs.

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Maximize productivity, minimize costs!
Data is the new gold, they say… Certainly on a construction site it is, and that is why Nexplore’s portfolio features Siterover. With Siterover we introduce a perfect tool for data handling tasks such as plant and labour hours, subcontractor dockets and daily diaries.
Our challenge was how to provide project managers with an easy-to-use solution to accurately capture on-site data in a timely manner. Meeting mobility and near-real time reporting needs, Siterover is a consolidated record management, reporting and productivity tool developed by our affiliated company IDD Tech.
Siterover is used by construction and operations teams across the roads, rail, tunnelling, building, defence, and resources infrastructure sectors.



Unified record management, reporting, and productivity tool


Increased transparency in data handling, focusing on daily costing and accruals


Multi-user data collection enhances collaboration and data accuracy


Integrated workflow system enhances approval accuracy and minimises manual errors


Transparent: Facilitates issues identification, enabling projects to pinpoint concerns related to cost, production, delays, and to implement timely corrective measures

Lean: Streamlines record-keeping, replacing traditional paper dockets with a digital solution. Boosts productivity monitoring by leveraging automated reporting, leading to more informed decisions

Concise: Narrows the gap between data input, performance analysis and corrective action, improving responsive project management

Siterover increases the transparency of data including daily costing and accruals, while narrowing the gap between data input, performance analysis and corrective action, improving project management.

What others say

Benjamin Calleja

“Site Rover promotes accurate timely management of our site records and data, seamlessly supporting production and productivity performance analysis. It reduces administration effort and provides quality site information through its inbuilt data integrity controls.”

Benjamin Calleja
CPB Contractors
Senior Cost Systems & Controls Engineer

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