Digital platform to manage evaluate organize
construction project changes in a single view.

Digital platform to manage, evaluate and organize construction project changes in a single view.


Nexplore Event Manager

Keep all events on site in sight.

Every construction project is unique, which is challenging for both clients, designers and contractors. It can be difficult to keep up with all that is happening, often even at the same time. For project and commercial staff that need to manage many events this tool offers standard best practice processes and a simple central database therefore replacing ad-hoc processes and spreadsheet controls.

Nexplore Event Manager is targeted for projects and businesses that have to deal with the dynamic of our construction sites. The system provides a standard and efficient approach for project site staff to identify events, collection of relevant substantiation and automates the reporting.

From a business point of view, it creates the transparency to ensure projects are identifying events and promptly evaluating them. It provides your business with all relevant data to effectively review and support progress where necessary.

Nexplore Event Manager



Site Event Register to which the entire project staff has access. Identify events on site and submit valuable information. Communicate with the project team through the system, upload supporting documentation and keep all information within the system.


Automated notification about new events will trigger a review and further processes. Track the variance between the own and the client assessments to understand reliance and other key risk metrics.


Customization options ensure that the minimum information is captured while providing the project with flexibility to add more information if necessary.


Transparent: Clear view on all the construction site’s events for designated staff.
Economical: Commercial awareness across the entire process chain with Automated Reporting function.
Reliable: Standardization and guidance which information is relevant and what has to be provided.
Compatible: Integration to other products through API, allowing other systems to create Site Events through API.

What others say

Martin Williams

“Nexplore Event Manager enables me, as a Design Manager, to quickly log design changes, summarise the impacts and history, to enable others to more accurately evaluate the time delays and costs of the change. Being able to upload all related documents and records makes it easy for others to later follow up and less reliance on memories and diaries. The discussions section allow queries to be raised so the contemporary information captured is of the best quality.”

Martin Williams
Leighton Asia
Design Manager
Benjamin Calleja

“Nexplore Event Manager provides a simple and intuitive process to quickly identify project issues and communicate them to the team. The seamless connection between our site and project management allows us to action items quickly and maximise positive outcomes for our projects.“

Benjamin Calleja
Senior Cost Systems & Controls Engineer

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