Construction Process
Control System

Nexplore Quality Control is a digital system with a modular approach to provide an ever-growing range of functions such as inspection management, quality alerts, photo uploading and sharing, task and defect management, e-forms, site diary, etc.

It offers a cost effective and flexible solution for different project stakeholders, including contractors, subcontractors, consultants, and clients.

  • Quality Alert: communication and acknowledgment system to instantly share information and track responses of multiple users.

  • Site Diary: digitalized journal system for frontlines on construction projects to log daily site progress and ensure core activities are traced for quality control and assurance purposes.

  • Quality Best Practices Library: document library system designed for main contractors to store, access and communicate for referencing and adoption on project site.

  • Powerflow: configurable form register engine approval system for project sites. It allows users to create custom forms with different types of layouts.

  • Fotolio: photo management system to identify, capture, annotate, store and manage construction photos.

  • Inspection App: inspection management system designed to manage quality control on construction projects.

  • Issue Register: system to provide a mechanism to manage the identification and rectification of issues on a project site.

  • Punchlist: defect management system to manage entire defect lifecycle.

How it works
Big Data

Log In

Simply login with your email & password. Nexplore Quality Control contains Workspaces for each project entity with various tools available to help.

3D Printing

Dashboard for management

Dashboard is provided for management to have better insights on current progress and quality compliance.

Internet of Things

Extensible application framework

Provides rich functionalities through several platform modules including Fotolio, Punchlist, Inspection App, Issue Register, Quality Alert, Site Diary, Quality Best Practises Library and Powerflow.

Internet of Things

Mobile apps

Capacity of mobility to enable frontline staff to collect information using mobile apps.


Easy to use system

Multi-language and cost-effective tool to avoid investment in multiple solutions.

Digital twin


Nexplore Quality Control has the ability to send email reminders and notifications to the end-user.

Nexplore Quality Control: Released
in the following projects of Leighton Asia


SCL 1112 Hung Hom Station, Train Station

SCL 1123 Exhibition Station, Underground Train Station

East Kowloon Culture Centre, Event Building

T2 Foundation and Substructure work, Airport Terminal

HKG Data Center

TKO Lam Tin Tunnel, Road Tunnel

EL Installation for Fanling Area 36 Phase 4, Building


CALAX Project, Road & Bridges


TR308 Provision of Electrial Services, Tunnel

N103, Road and Tunnel

DTSS, Sewage System


DAIS, School Building

Phoenix Aquila, Commercial Building

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