Digital tool that brings transparency
and control into the supply chain

Nexplore Minerva offers a digital tool that tracks all subcontractor information and all the project data in one single view.

  • Capture, store and process the current status of all your projects and all associated contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants, in a real-time and centralized tool.

  • Digital process that provides data analytics and a more accurate forecast of all subcontracted payment status.

  • Visualize liability to date, variation and forecast at completion, everything in a single view.

How it works
Big Data

Set Up

Contractor needs to upload project data including data of all subcontractors and their subcontracts (Bill of Quantity) to Nexplore Minerva.

3D Printing

Bill Of Quantity

Transparent overview of actual quantities procured, and rates paid to have current status and accurate forecasts.

Internet of Things

Creation of Work Breakdown Structure

Provide granular detail of costs by groups and activities to different levels of payments and purchases for precise cost control.

Internet of Things

Progress Monitoring

Contractor can review and follow up the construction progress on site in real-time. It can be tracked on basis of the Bill of Quantity as well as a simplified Work Breakdown Structure.


Variation Management

All contract changes (variations) are tracked in Nexplore Minerva. Forecast costs of the subcontracts are automatically updated.

Digital twin

Status Report

Provide an overview about the historic and current status of the subcontract allowing for a more accurate forecast of the project's status.


Invoicing Process

Submitting invoice electronically into Nexplore Minerva. Project confirms invoice and is shared with supplier, or it can be rejected for resubmission.

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