Single tool to schedule
and approve deliveries

Nexplore Deliveries allows a project to organize and control each delivery to a construction site and receive real time notifications of the delivery status, allowing all managers to have the visibility needed to manage the deliveries.

  • Centralized platform to connect all participants involved in the delivery process.

  • Allows simple booking of delivery slots for subcontractors.

  • Delivery tracking: provides detailed overview of expected deliveries, material and amount of vehicles.

  • Delivery notifications: Instant communications and warnings about delivery status to all participants.

How it works
Big Data


Company and supplier are connected in real time. Supplier is accessing calendar and can book available delivery slots. Special requests can also be addressed.

3D Printing


Company can review all requested deliveries and approve, modify or cancel, and supplier is automatically informed.

Internet of Things

Delivery Notification

Once delivery arrives at the gate,it can be approved via mobile device and grant access. Project Manager receives automatically status updates in real-time.


Digital Documentation

All data is automatically documented and stored in the platform. Reports are available and can be exported via PDF or Excel.

Digital twin


Tool allows to set up details for any delivery (concrete days/hours allowed, number of trucks per day/period, allowed truck typed, etc.) and notifications.

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