Digital solution for concrete ordering,
delivery, quality control and documentation

Nexplore Concrete connects all the participants in each phase of the concrete lifecycle. It also allows additional users, like client or supervisor, to access the information based on specific permissions for their profile.

  • Centralized platform to connect all participants in concrete ordering and delivery.

  • Allows real-time communication, central data exchange and storage through integration with other third party software solutions.

  • Eliminates errors and streamlines the process by reducing manual intervention.

How it works
Big Data

Concrete Order

Select concrete requirements from mix design catalogue and place order. Define volumes, delivery date and unloading location on construction site.

3D Printing


Order and delivery date is confirmed by mixing plant.

Internet of Things

Delivery Notifications

Receive digital delivery ticket & delivery status during loading, arrival and unloading of delivery truck automatically and in real time.

Internet of Things

Delivery Verification

To avoid wrong deliveries, the delivery ticket is verified upon arrival of the truck at site through the driver terminal. Unloading location is checked.


Quality Control

Execution and documentation of fresh concrete tests during delivery. Curing procedures can be documented through Nexplore Concrete after the delivery is finished.

Digital twin

Final Confirmation

Casting is approved and confirmed at terminal. End of casting is reflected and confirmed via platform.


Digital Documentation

All data is automatically updated in real-time in the Nexplore Concrete digital concrete diary. It saves on documentation time and also simplifies internal processes for control, commercial, communication and invoicing. 

Nexplore Concrete: Released
in the following projects


Hochtief Infrastructure Project - "Marienhof Train Tunel" (Munich).

Hochtief Building Project - "Neue Mitte Perlach" (Munich)

Hochtief Infrastructure Project - "A1 Bridge" (Leverkusen)


"The Nexplore Concrete application already works smoothly from ordering to placing the concrete. For the foreman and me, Nexplore Concrete is an efficient way to communicate with the concrete supply plant and to carry out concrete pours. Digitally, we are building the world of tomorrow.” 

Vicent Freely


Civil Engineering Construction Manager at Hochtief

Marienhof - Stammstrecke Munich

Infrastructure Project, train tunel


"We have been using the Nexplore Concrete application on our construction site since April 2021. Since then roughly 2.000 cubic meters of concrete have been ordered and most of that quantity has already been poured. The placing of orders and receiving of delivery notes works very well with the new interface that Nexplore Concrete has created between their system and our supplier's software."

Stephan Monz

Foreman at Hochtief

Neue Mitte Perlach

Munich Building Project

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