Digital tool to track all status of
construction progress in a single view

Nexplore Productivity offers a cloud platform to capture, review, compare and visualize all the project data in a single and centralized system so that you have a clear view on the overall project status, identify and track design issues as well as viewing, processing and analyzing point clouds for civil projects.

  • Versatile progress tracking tool that allows you to capture and store data in a centralized cloud system.

  • Process, analyze and forecast project tasks in real time.

  • Get status on project drawing completion.

  • Preview 3D design files, point clouds, PDFs and post process files in thumbnails.

  • Simplify complex projects and have clear visibility on the overall project status.

  • Ability to review actual progress against schedule and actual costs against budget.

How it works
Big Data

Set Up

Configure each project based on the functionality they need to support the project. Nexplore Productivity modules work independently as well as together on project.

3D Printing

Nexplore Productivity Progress

Track the progress of a project against the activities in the schedule and/or against quantities entered against the Bill of Quantities. Ability to visualize the progress on.

Internet of Things

Nexplore Productivity 3D Civil (coming soon 2022)

View, process and analyze aerial terrain point clouds with automatic segmentation into 7 basic classes: ground, buildings, low, medium and high vegetation and noise. It also generates digital ground model and have a real time preview. Compare point clouds to determine surface cut and fill calculations.


Nexplore Productivity 3D Issue Management
(coming soon 2022)

Collaboratively mark-up issues in the federated model and track issue with other project team members.

Digital twin

Nexplore Productivity Design Monitoring
(coming soon 2022)

Improve transparency and efficiency by providing a set of KPIs regarding drawing status and by utilizing a simplified tool for capturing construction progress and cost information. We use drones, robots, image techniques, and many other sources of information.​

Digital twin

(coming soon 2022)

Access to standard reports within each module and the ability to create and share custom reports. All reports can easily be exported to be included on communications with stakeholders. Standard reports include:

  • • Productivity Report: ability to monitor actual progress against planned with different levels of detail and aggregation.

  • • Activity Summary Report: capacity to send actual completions back to the schedule.

  • • Cut/Fills analysis.

  • • Cross Section Analysis.

Nexplore Productivity: Released
in the following projects


Hochtief - A6 Project

Hochtief - A1 Project

Hochtief - A40 Project

Hochtief - ICE

Hochtief - S6 Project

Hochtief - Marienhoff

Hochtief - Schwelmetalbrücke


Flatiron / Dragados - California High Speed Rail

Flatiron / Dragados - Denver International Airport


Hochtief NL - A27 Project


Leighton Asia -CALAX


“For HOCHTIEF in the Netherlands, as a recently established Branch, we are establishing our own IT Landscape to support our digital way of working, and therefore are able to select from solutions commercially available or those developed within HOCHTIEF. A well developed and integrated solution as Nexplore Productivity is planned to become can play a central role in our projects. Nexplore Productivity offers a functionality that we have not previously had in our projects; BIM360 and Navisworks combine to give similar functions, but don’t have any ability to combine a (coordination) 3D model with other information. Nexplore Productivity also offers the opportunity to directly upload data from commonly used authoring software, such as 3D Models, Schedules and more. Our initial trialing of this tool shows that Nexplore Productivity is a promising tool for use in our upcoming projects. Nexplore Productivity provides a single web-based platform, with support for mobile devices, to access (online) project information, that will allow data to be combined for analysis and reporting. It is our target to develop Nexplore Productivity into a valuable project resource for our projects.”

Andrew Ross


Branch Manager

Head of Design Department

HOCHTIEF, Netherlands


¨Before Nexplore Productivity we did things in 2D or we used another 3D viewer, which did not have the ability to enter data, and was not web-based. We have now the daily or weekly information, inserted with the help of the 3D model about construction progress, the actual quantities, daily reports etc. It doesen’t even matter where and with which software the information is collected I really like the self-services built in the software like uploading the drawing, setting up modules, mapping the 3D Modell to the schedule and the way flex monster the “little Excel” is integrated With Nexplore Productivity, we have a better understanding of the big picture of where we are. It is our single source of truth and the projects data are standardized and digitalized. Coloring the model according to progress and other information visualizes the information and eases the understanding. The pre-definable fields make filtering the model and the information an easy job.¨

Armin Krimpmann

Technical Competence Center

HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH

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